Already realized: 


Methods for the Production:

Multi-plants definition of the lines starting & stop


Standardisation of the Tooling maintenance technics

Industrial Securing

Definition of short- and medium-term priorities for the maintenance and development of the workshops



R&D with Innovation:

For the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.




Industrial projects:

Management of the CSTB Certification for a new workshop outside of France

Extrusion workshop transfer

Production volume of 12 lines transfered in 4 months (plus project), without delivery failure.

Optimization of the equipment on 3 extrusion workshops

Standardization of the elements to facilitate use and maintenance, adaptation of the workshops to new market needs (coextrusion with recycled material, increase in throughput, increase in capacity).

Modification of a lamination workshop: equipment evolution

Changing the product and the technology for the primarization.


100% thermoplastic solution for automotive climatisation line 

Patents for the elements (tubing, fittings, filling valve, and assembly process)

High pressure flexible with a fluorinated tubing (modified PFA) for the A3XX project

Multi-layers annealed flexible for the automotive engine cooling

PVC profiles with continuous glass fibers reinforcement, PMMA coextrusion,

and continuous PVC foaming

European patents for the reinforced profile and the manufacturing process, and for the continuous foaming.

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